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 'Noise in my attic' - The Billy Pezzack trio

 'I love it! I’ve featured it on my show The Blueprint and will continue to do so' 

Chris Philips @ Jazz FM 
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'Funkbop'  &  'I heard a fly buzz' getting national radio play ! 

'Kink'  The Billy Pezzack Trio

Guitar Techniques Magazine Review

4/5 star review 

Featured alongside: 


King Crimson

Ace Frehley & Slash !

'Kink'  The Billy Pezzack Trio 

Guitar Techniques Magazine    review of 'Kink' album

4/5 star review 

Featured alongside: 


King Crimson

Ace Frehley & Slash !


New blues concepts

Pezzack has gained praise for his innovative approach to improvisation & composition:



“His New Blues Concept outlines some new and innovative ways of looking at conventional blues harmony and by implication creating new soloing language (and ways of soloing) in the jazz / blues genre”


Huw Warren - jazz pianist / composer / professor of Jazz at RWCMD 


"He has made several very interesting connections between the blues and contemporary jazz improvisation… It is often the new take on previously adopted theories that move a genre forward"


Paula Gardiner - Jazz Composer / Bass player / head of jazz studies at RWCMD 


“He has many compositional ideas based on establishing re harmonizations of existing jazz chord progressions.

I believe that this makes his work important for several reasons”


Shaun Baxter -Head of Academy of music and sound / jazz musician / educator / recording artist 


Masters research 


Billy's Masters research presentation highlighted his development of original ' New blues concepts' 


 'An investigation into further possibilities for chord substitution in jazz / jazz blues'






There is claim of re invention and genuine musical discovery within!


This project gives focus to and documents personal research into ‘further jazz studies. 

Specifically looking at common chord progressions and substitutions in jazz, the soloing concepts used and how they are re applied in original creative com-positional and performance work. 

The project details this via –

Seven classic jazz tunes, with specific detail of how elements /classic concepts are then reworked in six original compositions. 

The classic jazz therefore forms a body of extensive ‘research’ which is discussed and responded to via its creative re application within the six original compositions. 

All of the music discussed is presented as video performance and as written music score. 


Comparisons are made between the classic jazz and the original work along with a critical evaluation and appraisal of both the work itself and the performances of it.


Detail of the project planning and execution is also given.




Awarded a 'distinction grade' and highly praised as -


'Exceptional work - exciting and innovative'


'Outstanding in its concept and ideas - perceptive, articulate, imaginative and thorough'


'Very successful in communicating on informative and emotional levels' 



Review - Oren Ben-Dor


The work constitutes a hermeneutic interpretation of seven classic works in Jazz and faces the complex task of both expansion and constraint, studying chord structures. Detail analysis of the novelty in these pieces (e.g. the Tri tonic Cycle in Coltrane) are impressively executed and hence the potentiality in these pieces is unearthed. 

The analysis is laced with interaction with Scholarly material, and the vast experience and ear of the writer as a performer is evidenced.


The project starts by a short overview of the main feature of each piece ( 7 classic jazz tunes and 6 original compositions). It then follows a critical appraisal of the performance ( live performance video of all 13 pieces - in a guitar trio setting) of these pieces...Then there follows a detailed conceptual and compositional analysis of each piece which is masterly done to the very fabric of chords and assessment of originality - very impressive and original.



Review - Robin Dymond


There is a good balance of pre-existing and original materials, also the re-arrangement of well-known jazz pieces...The original compositions/arrangements stand up against the pre-existing repertoire. There are some excellent moments of chord harmony, use of arpeggios and harmonic interest wouldn’t sound out of place on classic jazz album from the late 1950s, although it also has elements that indicate a fusion between Jazz and Blues soloing styles.

Billy Pezzack M.Mus - Cardiff & South Wales Prestige awards - Music mentor of the year.

Singer song writing -  Blues - Rock - Funk - Jazz  -   Technique / Harmony & theory  / Practice methods etc

Billy currently teaches privately (begginers are  welcome) & has taught for Cardiff university music school's music Degree course since 2013  


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