The Billy Pezzack Trio

New Blues concept

What does that mean  exactly ?

You might think its all been done to death  - that you have heard it all before ?  You haven't  : )

' New blues concept ' 

Billy has made some very interesting and unique musical discoveries -

Taking what is very common musical lanuage in blues and jazz and twisting it to give us a new perspective on what we are all already hearing and playing  -

' The blues '   

Need some convincing ? 

Here's a few comments - 


" His  'New Blues Concept'  outlines some new and innovative ways of looking at conventional blues harmony and by implication creating new soloing language (and ways of soloing) in the jazz / blues genre "

Huw Warren  

jazz pianist / composer / professor of Jazz at RWCMD _____________________________________

"He has made several very interesting connections between the blues and contemporary jazz improvisation.

It is often the new take on previously adopted theories that move a genre forward"

Paula Gardiner 

Jazz Composer / Bass player / head of jazz studies at RWCMD  


"Billy's playing is inventive and adventurous with a loose spontaneous feel - He has many compositional ideas based on establishing re harmonisations of existing jazz chord progressions.

I believe that this makes his work important for several reasons "

Shaun Baxter

Head of Academy of music and sound / jazz musician / educator / recording artist  

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