Here`s what people are saying about Billy Pezzack's guitar teaching -

The following quotes are from some of Billy's students who range in age from 12 upwards  - Their guitar playing abilities range from total beginners to guitar players with decades of music making behind them / gigging musicians / uni music guitar students

I've been taking lessons with Billy for a couple of years now.
It's a nice environment, relaxed, friendly and supportive. Billy has opened my eyes to a whole range of styles that I wouldn't have considered previously - which has helped me to develop the way I approach what I now play.

I had some skill when I started with Billy, but not much. We've covered a lot of ground - both theoretical and practical - and the feedback and reinforcement you get from a 1-to-1 lesson makes a big difference. Each lesson is always a challenge - but that's the only way to learn.

Ultimately, it's productive and fun; if it wasn't, I would have dropped the lessons ages ago.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Billy - regardless of the style of playing you're into or your current ability. Like all good teachers, Billy's approach constantly inspires you to develop to the next level.


"Life's too short to always want to learn the guitar but never do anything about it. If Billy can teach me to make coherent noise from a few bits of wood and some metal wires he might be able to make you into the next Hendrix. Get in touch, you'll regret it if you don't."


I have been studying guitar with Billy for a few months now and have definitely seen an improvement. I've been playing guitar for quite a while, and whilst studying with him, he can always find some element of playing that I should improve on and show me exactly how to do so. He has a wide range of influences and can help you out, no matter what genre or style your playing is. He's also very friendly and great fun to be taught by!


Having played guitar on my own for several years I found it difficult to break through with new styles and improvisation. Billy has pushed and challenged me to engage with an instrument I only half knew this time last year.

His range of experience and knowledge is hugely impressive; he’s a very professional tutor and inspires confidence at every single session. 

He has a warm and friendly personality which vastly improves the learning experience as does his passion and love for music.

I would highly recommend him to everyone, but particularly to long suffering guitarists who want to step up to the next level.


Billy Pezzack is a virtuoso guitarist and an excellent tutor.

I have been learning the guitar for three years now under Billy's supervision.  I have learned loads in that time from basic chords and scales, set piece studies, improvisation, rock, pop and blues - the lot!

Three things stand out for me about Billy - his infectious enthusiasm, his limitless patience and the huge range of styles he has effortlessly at his fingertips.  - so if you're into rock, pop, blues, jazz, ska, reggae, funk, folk, skiffle or anything else that floats your boat, Billy is definitely your man.

I couldn't wish for a better guitar teacher


 “Billy is a bit mad (Have you seen his video “ Livin on Chips” !!?) but he’s also a top player and teacher.

I’ve learned so much in the years I have taken lessons with him my head sometimes hurts more than my fingers. Just don’t mention Country and Western.”


"Having played for a couple of years and had a formal music background while younger, Billy helped get my rhythm and timing up to a level that would reflect my knowledge, Billy notices little things that would help improve any player. "


Billy is a uniquely talented musician and prides on being a teacher and mentor for anyone seeking achievement and enjoyment in guitar studies.

Having started lessons with Billy a few months ago the results are clearly evidenced in my improved techniques, methods and styles of guitar playing.

Billy encourages confidence and communicates learning in an easy and effective manner.

I would recommend Billy for enjoyable music education and for anyone willing to work hard for success.


I’ve owned a guitar since the 1970s when I learned a few chords from my mates at school and from Burt Weedon’s ‘Play in a Day’. I played those very same chords for the next 40 years and never progressed beyond ‘Red River Valley’ and a basic blues shuffle.

A couple of years ago as a 57 year old, I decided to try and learn a bit more. I wanted to focus only on ‘blues’ and tried a few teachers in and around Cardiff, as well as messing about with loads of stuff on ‘You Tube’. I settled with Billy because he’s the teacher I’ve made most real progress with.  

He’s a talented guitarist and a patient and enthusiastic teacher. He knows what he’s doing and makes me focus on learning proper stuff, but he always manages to make it fun… and the noise I now make sounds so much better than I have ever managed before. I see Billy pretty much every week for an hour and although it’s still embarrassing because I can’t make my fingers do what I want them to; I am getting better… and my family no longer cringe when I pick up my guitar!  

If you want to learn, make real progress and not just mimic others, I recommend Billy without hesitation!


I have been taking lessons for a number of years now with Billy and would recommend him as a tutor. His knowledge and enthusiasm is second to none and he has great patience even when I'm playing the wrong notes!
 I've learnt a lot more taking lessons with Billy than I ever did by looking at chord books during many wasteful years trying to teach myself.


I've been taking lessons from Billy for several years now; he has helped me gain a deeper understanding of playing and learning guitar, all in a relaxed and friendly manner.

 Billy has great methods of getting a point across and is very patient. I've come a lot further than I ever would've on my own. I would recommend Billy to anyone looking for an experienced and relaxed teacher.


"Taking lessons with Billy really opened my eyes as to what can be achieved on the guitar"


I have been receiving guitar lessons from Billy for the past few months and have found him to be a very good teacher.  He has been playing guitar for over 40 years and teaching since the 1990s and is very knowledgeable, both in terms of theory and in his general knowledge of music and songs etc. 

I have had other guitar teachers over the past few years but found that they were unable to fully answer the questions I was asking whereas Billy is able to do so. He is patient and relaxed in his teaching style and happy to answer any questions you have.

I would certainly recommend him as a teacher, whether or not you are starting out or at a more advanced level.

So, get yourself booked in and keep rockin’ in the free world!



'Billy has challenged me to think about playing and music in a new and
deeper way, he has a great depth of knowledge and can pull ideas from lots
of different genres together. He has helped me a lot with theory, technique
and I have really enjoyed his teaching.'


Billy is a fantastic tutor, I found his approach to each subject easy to follow and understand. I'm a slow learner and was in need of re-introduction to many basics and fundamentals of guitar theory and playing techniques. It wasn't long before I began understanding the use of chord tones, scales/modes, their interrelations and their uses in improv and composition as a result of working with him. 

Billy has a vast amount of knowledge and helpful advice on many different styles and ideas. Although I'm not completely new to guitar I can see how anyone new to the guitar, young or mature students would have no problem getting along with and would enjoy working with him.


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