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This  'You tube playlist' offers a few free lessons on some easy to play sing along tunes. Includes clear example video performance demonstration of his abilities in this style.

Like many, Billy first began playing guitar inspired by The Beatles /Cat Stevens /John Martyn/David Bowie etc 

Billy's original & highly creative 11 song ,  'acoustic guitar & vocal' album  demonstrates his deep connection to this popular approach to guitar playing / song writing. 

'Tea with an old lady' ,  can be previewed from this playlist & the albums & reviw page.


You can be assured that you are in very good hands if you choose to study blues with Billy.

Engaging with the Blues is essential if you play modern electric guitar as it plays a role in most styles of modern music.

This list offers a healthy dose of the tradition & a road to beyond where most would dare to wander!


Billy has never lost his passion for blues as its at the very heart of improvised music making - Jazz / Jazz rock fusion .

He was awarded a distinction for his  'Masters research' which presented his highly original - 

'New blues concepts' 

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Lets Rock !

This playlist assures  - 

From soulful Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd) style string bending  to face melting shred head freak out -  Billy has it covered! 


If you are looking to take your rock guitar playing to another level - you may wish to consider combining a healthy dose of  'Jazz studies'  with the hyper technique displayed in the extremes of the 'Rock' genre.


The best players are always pushing boundaries.

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Classic tunes / Modal / Blues / Bebop - Includes 'Live band' example performance  

Billy has recorded 3 original jazz instrumental albums and has had national radio airplay along with some great comments and review of his original 'New blues concepts' / composition and performance work.

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This playlist offers a few free lesson examples. A very wide range of styles & topics are covered - from beginner to advanced levels  - providing a window into Billy's  teaching.

Review of Guitars / Amps etc 
A great way to meet Billy & check out some fantastic gear !


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