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Billy taught his first (paying!) student in 1989 and has taught weekly since 2002. He has completed music studies to M.Mus (Masters) level gaining a distinction grade for his research and performance work.

You choose where the lessons focus -

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It's all on ' You tube ' for free anyway right?

Well even if it was ...  a lot of great stuff has been available in books for some time too, so you should maybe stop right there for a moment and consider how getting real feedback from an expert on how exactly you’re doing and thinking of things could really benefit you.

You tube ' how to '  video's wont replace good teaching for the very same reasons those teach yourself books haven’t taken over the pursuit of knowledge via real humans interacting .

That’s because we really do need the interaction lessons attended in person can provide. Important stuff like correcting fingering / hand position and general technique can only really be done in an attended lesson. You need to be heard !  And seen.

You would also expect to be asked a few questions wouldn't you?  Tested a little on YOUR understanding and YOUR playing Skills ?
Of course. Video's don't do that do they ?

A good teacher wont just talk 'at you' like a video recording or throw handouts your way every time they see you either.

They would assess your level of playing skill and your understanding of the topic and then present work that is suitable to your level of study in bite size do 'able chunks.

Long term, they would oversee and monitor the development of good technique and your level of understanding. This would ensure the steady growth of these essential skills.  A good teacher will inspire you to move forward in achievable steps.

It's some of the clever stuff good teachers do, communicate with you...  and it can really be life changing stuff.

'How to ‘You Tube’ video's and learn to play in a day books don’t listen to you do they?

Billy Pezzack is a highly skilled creative musician and a qualified, experienced and reputable guitar teacher. He has over twenty years teaching experience.

Be sure to also browse the ‘You Tube ‘style clips to view some fantastic playing in a variety of styles. Also check out the testimonials from a few that have taken lesson with Billy.